Notebooks for a better future!

Access to I&C technologies is more important than ever today. The internet and digital media have become one of the most important sources of knowledge. Especially in times of COVID-19 it has been shown that the use of modern technologies connects people. It is all the worse that access to digital technology is unevenly distributed in Germany too and is heavily dependent on income.


In order to give children from low-income families this access, we support a notebook donation campaign by the volunteer center of Caritas Munich North and the "Welcome to Munich" platform.

We believe that access to digital technology in childhood can change lives.

What have we done?

We pick up the donated computers from the collection stations and check them for functionality and completeness of the hardware components.

The computers are reset to factory settings and equipped with important software. Child protection should of course not be missing!


We are very happy to distribute the computers to future young users in accordance with the Caritas needs list!