Volunteering at the cutting edge

In the economy, data and modern technologies have long been used to increase profits. Market analyzes and process optimization are the basis for successful companies.


In the social field, the state of the art has not yet arrived. There is a lack of financial resources or know-how to fully exploit the potential of aid measures through the use of modern tools and methods - difficult enough to get people excited about the social good.


SIDATA supports these associations and NGOs on a voluntary basis. We help to achieve charitable goals more efficiently by using the latest technology.

Not  for  money,  for  good!



Data doesn't directly save lives, but it can have a huge impact when placed in the right hands.

The main goal of SIDATA is therefore to support organizations and individuals in saving lives, improving livelihoods and protecting the environment around the world so that they can do it better and on a larger scale.

We believe that organizations can reach their full potential by optimizing their information management.


... encompasses many interrelated aspects of handling data and information, from data collection to recording, processing and cleaning, as well as the analysis, visualization and dissemination of data in the form of valuable information.




Laptop donations for students


Do you have a laptop that you no longer need? Is it just getting in your way? We are happy to take it and bring it to where it is urgently needed!




+ Laptops only

+ From operating system Windows 7 or Linux distribution

+ Functional

+ Power supply available


A child receives your laptop in just 3 steps:


1 Write an email to: kontakt@willkommen-in-muenchen.de

Our partner from Willkommen in Munich will tell you when and where you can drop off your laptop near you.


2 We at SIDATA pick up the laptop at the collection point and recondition it.


3   According to the Caritas urgency list, we bring the laptop directly to the pupils.


We look forward to your donation!








Do you realize that there are a ton of new information processing tools your organization could use?

We help social organizations to develop and advise individual data strategies as well as provide support throughout the entire data processing process.


SIDATA helps organizations to visualize the core information of their NGO on a map in order to get a better feeling for where the needs are and to be able to plan their activities accordingly. Maps can be used to identify potential hot spots and provide targeted care.


Are you planning aid projects and sometimes wish you had a better understanding of the context in order to be able to respond to needs in a relevant and appropriate manner? Do you sometimes find it difficult to decide which areas and which beneficiaries need help most, or to ensure that help is effective over the long term? Dashboards provide a good monitoring and analysis tool to make the activity and scope of your organization visible.


We see ourselves as a H2H organization. That means that we always primarily help people to achieve their charitable goals. For this reason, we not only want to support project-related information management, but also build up the necessary knowledge in your organization in the long term so that all future aid projects can be implemented more efficiently or with a larger sphere of activity - in other words, data-based.



Data Scientists

Geoinformatics scientist

Web developer

Database professionals

Software Developer

IT specialists

We bring professionals and

social projects and build a core team of data specialists.


Depending on the project and requirements, we can flexibly expand our team.


In addition, we always strive for cooperation with well-known software and database providers in order to be able to offer our support with the latest products.



We support NGOs, associations and social projects of all kinds.

It doesn't matter whether you have been involved for years or shortly after the foundation.

We think that any social engagement can take place efficiently and in a targeted manner.


What is important is that charitable purposes

and no economic interests are pursued.


Since we are completely voluntary ourselves, we expect the same from the organizations we work with.




Notebook's donation campaign

Access to I&C technologies is more important than ever today. The internet and digital media have become one of the most important sources of knowledge. In order to give children from lower-income families this access ... ( more )


Emergency Medical Service Dhulikhel, Nepal

The ambulance service in the catchment area of Dhulikhel Hospital is still in its infancy. A system of now 8 ambulance guards is based on the vision of a dedicated Nepalese doctor ... ( more )


Dynamic refugee atlas of Middle East and North Africa using R statistical language

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) registers thousands of refugees worldwide every day. An atlas was created in R statistical language that shows the distribution of refugees ... (more)



SIDATA is still at the beginning, so we are currently looking for a committed core team to drive our project forward on a voluntary basis. So if you work full-time with data and want to contribute your know-how in a meaningful way alongside your job, then contact us!


We are based in Munich, but we also support remotely.

In addition, we would like to give committed data geeks the opportunity to specifically participate in individual projects.

We want you!



Thank you for your interest, we will contact you as soon as possible!

If you know a social project, an association or an organization that needs support in handling or evaluating your data, then write to us at contact@sidata.org


We keep discovering great projects from various associations and organizations in which INFORMATION MANEGEMENT is a top priority. We don't want to withhold these projects from you here.